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Minggu, 03 Mei 2015


Assalamu'alaikum good people,
how's life? Mine quite good, still trapped in writing Final Paper. Ya Allah, it's kinda stressing. No, if I'm not lazy haha. I also have another stack of homeworks. From now on I'll be an all-nighter. Wew.
May, please be good to me >,<
By the way, I'm so in love with my creamy long dress. You know when you see this piece in two of my last posts :P So, I decided to pair it with my pearls blazer and mini gold sling bag and I am ready to attend a wedding party :) 
Mommy! Look how small I am -_-' Both of my younger sisters are taller than our Mom. I am a "damaged" generation, I guess...
Okay then, wish me luck with my Final Paper and survive my last semester in college ^_^


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