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Sabtu, 14 Februari 2015

Saturday Look: Butterflies

Assalamu'alaikum, dear readers,
how's your week? I have already forgot the hectic days caused by the flood because this afternoon the sun shone so bright. Too bright and too hot actually but no problem because I missed sun shine.
To celebrate it I wore red (again) this afternoon. Butterflies on my outer #love
Oh well, this hat has already been in my closet for a very looooong time. I think she was happy to finally took fresh air this afternoon haha :D
My Favorite Pose

I always think what other people would think of me and that makes me have a heavy thought. Sickening. So, I have decided to not think about it anymore. I do what I like and I know what it takes. I know what is right and what is not right.
"Life is too short to be miserable about", that is what I keep telling myself with.

Bismillah for Tugas Akhir.


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