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Selasa, 10 Februari 2015

Another Tutorial, I think

Assalamu'alaikum, dear readers,
I'm back with another hijab tutorial. I know, I know, making hijab tutorial is so not "up-date" right now. I just want to document it at least as my personal file hehe. If it useful for you guys, why not--I publish it?
Actually it is another square hijab tutorial and not so different with my previous hijab tutorial "Simple Way to Wear Your Square Hijab" so you will not find difficulty if you have red that hehe.
1. Fold your square hijab into rectangle and wear it with one side longer (I choose left), pin it under your chin; 2. Take the edge of the long side; 3. Bring it to the top of your head naturally so it will shape layers; 4. Pin it; 5. Safe the rest to your shoulder with a pin. Done!
See, it is not different, it is just the way you pin the edge of your longer side make you have different styles whether on the top of your shoulder, or the back of your head, or on your head, or you swirl it.
Don't you think this post is useless? I do not :P I hope it will useful for you :)


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