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Sabtu, 31 Januari 2015

Saturday Look: Creamy Mustard Time

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how's life? It is week-end, yeay! Tired of work-days I really enjoy my week-end...
By the way, I wanna share my trick to not looked too short when taking head-to-toe photograph. I am quite short and I really want to look not too short at least on photo hehe So, I usually ask my sister (yes, they are my photographers) to not make so much space on my head and under my feet, try to fit my height to the space.
When they made too much space on my head or under my feet, I usually crop it like my photo below. I think the difference is so big.
Another trick is to wear a skinny belt on my diaphragm when I wear dress so my feet is looked longer.

Because life is too short to be miserable about.

Pssst, do not forget to wear chest-covering hijab style, ok? :)

P.S. I got that vest from my Mom as my birthday present. Thank you Mommy ^)3(^_^)


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