Creamy Day and Another Hijab Tutorial

Assalamu’alaikum dear reader,
I’m back with a new simple hijab tutorial hehe. I am using square hijab. It is a chest-covering hijab style but depends on your hijab. The wider your hijab, the better you are covered :) Mine is not wide enough huhu but still count :P
It is simpler than it seems. 1. Fold your square hijab into rectangle and wear it with one side longer (I choose left) 2. Take the inner side of your longer side, hold it on the middle, bring it to the top of your head, and pin it 3. Take the middle of your left side and pin it on your shoulder 4. Add pins on both side of your cheek so it will be not messed up by wind or your activity aaaaand DONE!

By the way, I am in love right now. I fall in love with this 
Wardah BB Cream SPF 32 in Natural color. I have used it for three months and really satisfied with its result (you can see my photos above). I cannot wait to make a post about Wardah. I have used Wardah for around a year and a half and it shows great result X) I used to have acnes on my cheek and forehead but as you can see, most of them have gone (no edit), yeayness! Fyi, I used Wardah Acne Series. Gotta talk about it later.
P.S. I have just known that I can set the lighting with my digital camera in low light place. Love the result (above)