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Minggu, 25 Januari 2015

Be Bold!

Assalamu’alaikum dear reader,
How is your day? Mine is really good. This week has surprised me for many times, really. I closed it with spent my time accompanied Rosna to Gramedia Book Store. Fortunately, there was CJR. Unfortunately, we could not get any photographs of them. Pity. Pssst, I am a fan of CJR too, especially Iqbal, tee-hee.
Lately, I am so in love with button-up shirt and bold color. Fyi, I used to love blouses and long sleeve shirt. I have learned that “Do’s” for me is bold color and not pastels. It is because I am dark skinned. I love pastels color and still want to wear pastels color. I should search for inspirations about it later. Another “Do’s” for me is high waist skirt because I am short enough (yeah, I am only 153 cm :P). No high waist skirt? I wear my skirt a little bit high on my waist.
I am sooooo into skirt. It has been around a year and a half I decided to just wear skirt. No trouser (even short)except my training trouser. There are times where I really want to wear my jeans trouser but then I remember my own promise to not wear that again. I am kinda proud of myself hehe.
All this time I think that my life is sooo flat -_-‘ I just did ordinary thing. I often think about doing extra ordinary thing but well, I just think of it -_-‘ I should start it soon—do extra ordinary things, at least extra ordinary for me if not for others.

“Do something because you enjoy doing it, you believe it brings value to your life and you just know that it’s the right thing to do.”

-Diana RIkasari (#88LoveLife)


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