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Sabtu, 10 Januari 2015

All Over Pink

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
today I became a flower queen >,< well, not in my garden but on a roof top haha.

Btw, my computer is not in a good condition. It is full of undetected virus huhu ;( Two weeks ago I lost 4 GB data from my SDHC card. It was full of photos. In the morning, I spent my days having a trip to Taman Matahari and took so many photos. I have copied all photos in that card except the photos I took that day to my computer. Although my computer is full of virus, all data inside it is not disappear. That night, I put my SDHC card into my computer aaaaand it was empty. All of my photos has gone. I panicked and try to recover it. When I have already recovered it, I want to copy the recovered data to my SDHC again but it did not work. So, I formatted my SDHC. Unfortunately, I finally realize that not all of my data successfully recovered. Ya Allah... I did not think of all the photos but the photos I took that day only. It was not saved. All gone.
Same as today. I put my 2GB SDHC aaaaand the photos I took today has gone. Alhamdulillah some are saved. Fiuuuh. Why did I still put my SD card into my computer after the holiday case? It is because last week I put it into my computer and nothing bad happened so I think it will be save today but I was wrong. I should bring my computer to be fixed.

These photos below are some of photos saved.
I got this floral shoes and a vest from my Mom, Rina and Rosna as birthday presents. Thank youuu <3 font="">


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