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Minggu, 04 Januari 2015

After A Long Time...

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
woof! Finally back with my outfit post :P Tomorrow I will start my internship program so this afternoon I took a little time to play with my camera. Actually today I'm not feeling well. It has been rained for days and the weather gets colder, not good for me--especially my nose and eyes. This afternoon the rain has stopped and not so cloudy, I thought I should take that chance.
The view from the roof top of eight story building was so breath taking this afternoon. I could see Mt. Salak from distance. It was windy but no problem.
I love my city with its population density but without skyscraper :) Still, there is traffic jam every morning and afternoon -_-' Because today is last Sunday in this holiday, this afternoon's traffic was lovely <3 p="">
H-2 to my 20 *deep inhale* *exhale*  wew. What have I done for 20 years in this world? Gotta talk about it on my next post :)


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