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Minggu, 04 Januari 2015

A Beautiful Mess

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
it's me back with an article about my favorite blog ever: A Beautiful Mess. Well, probably most of you have already known this "awesome" blog by Elsie and Emma. It has been around three years I have followed this blog. I found this blog through Diana Rikasari's blog (check her blog out here. I should make an article about her blog too.)

Okay, about ABM, two words to describe this blog: Major Cool. It's true. At the beginning I thought it was a fashion blog but it is not only that. It is also a crafty blog, home decor blog, food blog, I think you can find anything you want in there. For me, it is. I love everything in ABM but my most favorite is the crafty thing, DIY, yeah something like that. I love their recipe too. Even I, who doesn't like cooking before, have already tried they recipe. Actually I want to try their woodworking, make my own coffee table or my own snowflake light-up marquee or my own hoop shelf but I think those things can wait until I have my own income :P I also love the Sister Style feature. I just love how they mix and match pattern and color. I want to apply that but in covered style (hehe) but again, it has to wait until I have my own income :P

Well, ABM was all started by Elsie and then Emma joined and then it becomes so complicated that it needs more people to maintain that blog. So, they hired Jeremy and Trey (their husbands) and other of their friends. Thank you guys for making an awesome blog. The tutorial is easy to follow, nice captures, happiness all around, etc. I could say that ABM is a well-planned blog. I really want my blog to be a well-planned blog too. I should follow your tips, I guess.

A Beautiful Mess
Left: Emma; Right: Elsie

Well, for you who love to make craft (like me), ABM gladly shows you how to make it. They categorize their crafts into jewelry, sewing, DIY fashion, photo books, textile printing, paper crafts, homemade gift ideas, woodworking, and kiddos. For you who love to try new recipe or try another way to make your favorite menu, you can check their blog too. They categorize their recipe into: brunch, meal ideas, sweets, cocktails (not recommended for moslems), drinks, and small bites. For you who love decorating each side of your living space, you could try their way in decorating theirs. They categorize their home decor into: living room, small spaces, dining room, kitchen, kids room, office, bedroom, bathroom, outdoor spaces, statement walls, and at home with... (I love this feature because we can see how other people decorate their house). For you, ladies, who cares your head-to-toe appearance, you can steal their style too. They categorize their style into: hair (I love to see Katie's hair tutorial but I always fail to apply it. My bad :P), makeup, sister style, and DIY fashion.

When you check their blog out, you will realize that the way their capture their photographs is so cool. They share their photography tips and other tips in their blogs. They categorize their tips into: business, photography, blogging tips, and happiness. They also have online businesses, they are: happy mail, e-courses, products, and actions. You also should check their photo apps: a beautiful mess and party party.

Here some sneak peeks of their blog (what I love and want to make).
Giant Snowflake Light-up Marquee (to see full post, here)

Hoop Shelf and Floating Shelf (click here and here)

Chipboard album and Sister photo book (click here and here)

Geometric Wool Felt Pillow and (click here)

Donut Pillow and Plantable Felt Garden Box (click here and here)

Cheddar Pierogie and Twice Baked Potatoes (click here and here)

Well, you MUST check their blog out! Go to http://www.abeautifulmess.com/

Thank you for reading my article. Let me know your response through the comment box.


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