Another Family Time

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how's life? Mine is good and still in holiday. Oops holiday has ended, except for college student I think hehe... Well, new semester will start next week. Have no plan for this semester except study harder haha :D
In this post I just wanna share my family time. Late post actually, but no problem I think to share it now hehe...

Many people hardly have a chance to get quality time with their family. Everyone in the family is just too busy with their own business. You know, when everything seems difficult for you, you need to communicate it with your family. I mean, you need more togetherness time to sharing, chatting, eating, and anything.
You shouldn't search for perfect time such as planning a trip with your family and something like that. As for me, it is as simple as eating time: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Well, I rarely can have lunch together with my family but at least in the weekend I can eat with them. Dinner time is the most interesting part. We talk much after dinner, sharing our experience on that day, discuss today's issue (I used to talk about politic with my Dad), asking for advice and everything. On breakfast, well, everyone is in hurry to begin our own activity (go to school or college or office) but we still eat together.
After my lovely Dad was gone, we rarely eat together. It was too hard for my sister because she still remembered the time with our lovely one. But lately we start eating together again and I love it. The sadness is still there, hanging in front of our eyes but hey, we should move on, rite?
So guys, just love your family and give more time to be together with them--at least like me with the eating time--before it's too late.



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