Monic Summer

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
woof, finally I could finish this felt tote-bag. It took 2 days to finish it actually, but the space between the days was sooooo long. It was so hard for me to finish it although I just needed to attach the hand-holder. I was tooooo lazy -_-' So sorry for the messy stitches, this tote-bag is 100% hand-made (by me and that's what make me lazy to finish it). Ooh I really wish I could have a sewing-machine... Maybe next year? InsyaAllah >,< If I had a sewing machine, maybe I could make it neatly sewed and could make more crafts.
I love the bird-application on the bag. Sooo cute and more than I expected.

This is my guidebook (^_^)
Just wanna share that. I wish I could make tutorial in making crafts. This is my current obsession. Maybe next time.