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Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how's your day? Hopefully you enjoy yours like me--enjoy mine. H-2 final test u,u. Can't wait for Friday, first "Free-Day". Spent my two days (Thursday and Friday) by studied with Ana, Alfi, and Sarah. I haven't done my finance accounting homework ;( Gonna finish it tonight! InsyaAllah >,<
Today I attended Rosna's graduation day. So excited because I heard she got 2nd place in class on National Examination. I am sure she will get a reward by her headmaster.
Today Rosna performed a poet-reading and became her class choir's conductor.
The surprise came when Ibu Jamatun, the headmaster, announced the big 10 in class. It is a public secret that Rosna and Mega always compete to get the first place. If Rosna 1st, Mega 2nd. If Mega 1st, Rosna 2nd. We--Me, Mom, Rosna's friends, Rosna's friends' parents--thought that Rosna got 2nd place in class because her National Examination's score but Ibu Jamatun announced the final result of National Examination's score and School Examination (Ujian Sekolah) aaaaand... Rosna got the 1st place! Alhamdulillah.
Mega and Rosna
Congratulation Rosna! This is the result of your hardwork and pray. Now, ganbatte for Junior High School registration. Keep praying so you can continue your study to favourite school. As for Mega, I know you will never give up. I hope you also can continue your study to your favourite school :)

"You are not fail when you keep trying. You are fail when you stop trying."
- unknown

So people, never give up to your dream. Rosna also has inspired me. When we've just our beloved father, she still study hard to make him proud. She made it, insyaAllah. Often beaten by her rival makes her study harder and harder. Alhamdulillah, she made it.
See you on the net post :) Hope you are inspired.