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Sabtu, 21 Juni 2014

Back to High School...

anyone? hehe.

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
I just wanna share my outfit today (sounds weird if I wrote "ootd" -_-'). Nothing special actually hehe.
It's just... my look looks like a senior high school student. I've just realized when Rosna took my photo -_-' But somehow I like this look. Simple and neat. But because the colors and my tiny body, people thought I am a high school student and surprised when I told them I am on my 4th semester in college -_-'

Back to Elementary School

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how's your day? Hopefully you enjoy yours like me--enjoy mine. H-2 final test u,u. Can't wait for Friday, first "Free-Day". Spent my two days (Thursday and Friday) by studied with Ana, Alfi, and Sarah. I haven't done my finance accounting homework ;( Gonna finish it tonight! InsyaAllah >,<
Today I attended Rosna's graduation day. So excited because I heard she got 2nd place in class on National Examination. I am sure she will get a reward by her headmaster.
Today Rosna performed a poet-reading and became her class choir's conductor.
The surprise came when Ibu Jamatun, the headmaster, announced the big 10 in class. It is a public secret that Rosna and Mega always compete to get the first place. If Rosna 1st, Mega 2nd. If Mega 1st, Rosna 2nd. We--Me, Mom, Rosna's friends, Rosna's friends' parents--thought that Rosna got 2nd place in class because her National Examination's score but Ibu Jamatun announced the final result of National Examination's score and School Examination (Ujian Sekolah) aaaaand... Rosna got the 1st place! Alhamdulillah.
Mega and Rosna
Congratulation Rosna! This is the result of your hardwork and pray. Now, ganbatte for Junior High School registration. Keep praying so you can continue your study to favourite school. As for Mega, I know you will never give up. I hope you also can continue your study to your favourite school :)

"You are not fail when you keep trying. You are fail when you stop trying."
- unknown

So people, never give up to your dream. Rosna also has inspired me. When we've just our beloved father, she still study hard to make him proud. She made it, insyaAllah. Often beaten by her rival makes her study harder and harder. Alhamdulillah, she made it.
See you on the net post :) Hope you are inspired.

Rabu, 18 Juni 2014

Besties Hang Out

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how's life? Have you already in your holiday? I haven't. Holiday is still around +-2 weeks to come huhu... But I really excited welcoming Ramadhan month. Holiday also starts on the beginning of that holy month. But before that, I must face UAS :@
Last saturday, ana, alfi, sarah, & I went to a seminar in Japan Foundation. We met a really kind Japanese man from Tokyo International University. He kindly explained about our interest in Japanese. Alhamdulillah, we had a kind translator. A kind woman with hijab :) Well, 4 of us really excited about continue our study to Japan, so the Japanese man asked for our e-mail addresses and promised to contact us via e-mail. Hopefully he will do his promise X| 
After we had our lunch, we went to Monas! Yah, we wanted to enjoy the "Pekan Rakyat Nasional 2014". It was really crowded and we really enjoyed it. Took some pictures too hehe... After that we had Italian ice cream at Ragusa. Finally, we ended up our day by went to Istiqlal Mosque :) 
It's one of most valuable time to spend your time with your besties. Thank you ana, alfi, & sarah for the fun time X) We can hang out together again next time... insyaAllah 
"When you're up, your friends know who you are. When you're down, you know who your friends are."
We were Ana's photography objects. She was--and is still learning how to operate her camera manually. But most of the photos on that day ended up in blur. I chose the not-so-blur photos to be shared in this post. Don't give up Ana! I hope you are getting better in your interest (so I can ask you to take more photos of me hahaha kidding na).
Okay, I think that's all for now. See you on the next post :)

Selasa, 10 Juni 2014

Tweet on My Blog

Assalamu’alaikum dear reader,
How was your Monday? Hopefully it was better than mine. I was not enjoying my Monday huhu. I was busy but that was not the problem. The problem was I got a headache ;( Alhamdulillah it has gone.
Last Sunday I went to Pak Wahyu and Ka’Ratih’s wedding. Fyi, PW was my Math teacher in Vocational High School and Ka’Ratih was my senior in the same school. Yea, they are finally married! Wew. Teacher and student. I think they are a match couple. I still smile every time I remember both of them together. It’s rarely happen, rite? How many time you can see your teacher marry your classmate or your senior or your junior. Oh but I think I’m gonna see it again. My teacher will marry his student but she was not my classmate or my senior. My junior. I saw them together in PW & Ka’Ratih’s wedding. Hihi.
Bad me, I didn’t take any picture of them ;( Yeah, I always forget to take the important pictures in any event. I am the type of person that will enjoy everything around me and not too care about taking pictures. Sometimes I think it just wastes my time and makes me cannot enjoy the party. But then at home I usually regret it. I really wanna share about it through blog or instagram or facebook or twitter but I end up only have my outfit picture T_T just like now.

I was inspired by my grey square hijab. I don’t know and not sure, but I think I ever saw someone combined grey and pink together. So, I tried it too and… they are looked gorgeous together. That hijab is matched with the dots on my skirt (it’s blinky) and my wedges. Hey, I’ve just realized, my hijab is actually not grey, it is silver -_-‘. The dots and the wedges also are silver. When I typed that ‘blinky’ that thought came to my mind zzz…
I love that neon pink peplum shirt of mine and always wait a perfect time to wear that hehe… I love that big bow. I always remember Hello Kitty when I see it :P It glows under sunlight, just like my hijab. They are really matched, imao.
Lately I often wear that hijab style. It is so simple and can make my round face looked oval. Okay, it still looked round :P
skirt re-shoppe
You must think that I am so over confidence of my outfit or photography. Well, this is what I like. I wanna improve it more and more so that I can get better every single step. If I listen to what everybody told me to (and each of them have different thought), I am sure I will not enjoy my life. Yeah, my life. Blogging is one of my mood-booster. No matter how many words or pictures it makes me forget disturbing thought in my mind.
Yeah, most of my posts are about me and my outfit. It’s not like I’m trying to be a fashion blogger or fashion expert or something. But… it just… I love to post that. And yeah, almost all of my outfits are not branded items. Like one program in a private channel said “Tidak perlu mahal to get in ‘style’”. I love cheap stuffs but if I got a branded one, I will not refuse, but who will? *peace*
Sometimes I think it is too much to wear hundred thousands rupiah’s outfit and make it millions from head to toe. I’ve ever watched a tv-show where the rich family changed position with poor family. Both of them were not enjoy they (temporary) new-life. So, it is me with my cheap stuff and you (if you do) with your branded items. I think, it’s better to stick to the status quo.
Note, if I wear branded item(s), I will add caption about it like in this post. It is not to show-off or something, it just to give appreciation to the brand for making such cute thing(s).
Wew, I’ve talked too much, more than usual I think.
Okay, I think that's all for now. See you on the next post.

P.S. 1. thank you for reading this post. Just feel free to leave any comment in the comment box. And feel free to browse my blog more hehe
2. Congratulation PW and Ka'Ratih for your marriage X)

Sabtu, 07 Juni 2014

Pink Blazer; Another Style Stealing

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how's life? Mine quite good, hope you too. It is week-end, I hope you will enjoy yours. InsyaAllah I will enjoy mine hehe. Hey, have you ever been in a condition when you don't know what to write when you really want to? I am doing so now :P
Okay, lately I'm so into felt thing. I made brooches, dolls, clutches all in felt. Been thinking about opening an on-line shop 'Reinsa's Craft'. But I don't have time 'till the end of this month. InsyaAllah, gonna focus on it this Ramadhan. By the way Ramadhan is only +-3 weeks to go. Can't hardly wait to face it. Lovely month.
Final test is getting closer! I've started my intensive study but still think it is not enough. I still worry about Public Sector Accounting (ASP). I haven't done my mid test for this subject. Hhh...
By the way, I was given a pink 3/4 sleeves blazer by my neighbor but kinda don't know what to wear to match it. And accidentally my favorite fashion blogger, Indah Nada Puspita, updated her blog by posted pictures with her wearing her pink blazer. Wew. So, I try her style, again hehe. But I wore skirt and not trousers.
This is my first time wearing that kind of hijab style. But I think I am not gonna wear it that much. I am wearing a square-grey-satin hijab. Last time I wore it around 4 years ago. Yeah, quite a long time. In my opinion, this fabric was so difficult to be shaped that's why I never use it again since that time. But now, I am curious if I can wear it comfortably or not. But hey, I am wearing it now and it is not as difficult as I thought. I think I have known how to trick it hehe... Now I really want a grey skirt huhu ;( I've bought a dusty pink skirt (gonna share about that next time in here) and I love that. I love skirts (^_^)
Nada's photos from indahnadapuspita.blogspot.com
To see more Nada's style just go to indahnadapuspita.blogspot.com. You also can get the detail of what she is wearing in those pictures.
I think that's all for now. See you on the next post.