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Rabu, 28 Mei 2014

Sister Time

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how's life? Mine quite good. Lately, my life was a little bit flat huhu -,- Really need a mood booster! So, here I am sitting in front of my little net book and trying to write something about my mood booster :)
Rosna has been free from her National Examination. Tiring week, in her opinion. She has done her best, I think, because she has study hard since last year. Stay on her bed with her lesson books, just study and study, rarely left them. So, as the gift of her hard work, um study, I asked her to Old City yesterday. She was so excited.
Unfortunately, it was red-date for Isra' Miraj, so all of museum in there was closed ;( I didn't expect it before huhu. My plan was failed. But we were not alone. There were so many old city visitors who was disappointed, some of them even come from other cities. Alhamdulillah Rosna was not so disappointed. She just told me to bring her back to old city next time and asked me to make sure all of the museum is open. Okay, my sweety girl.
By the way, this is actually my very daily look. Simple hijab style, long sleeves shirt, skirt, and flat.
my new babe ^_^ it is an oxford shoes, isn't it?
We went back home around 1 p.m. after visited Plaza Kalibata and bought a pan pizza to fix our day :9

P.S. My new shoes also my mood booster that day hihi I love cheap stuff. That means I can buy some for me than buy the expensive one :P I got this for only 35k :) I'm not sure it will long for how long.. but at least I have two new pair of shoes now hehe

I think that's all for now. See you on the next post!


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