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Sabtu, 12 April 2014

When Orange Meet Blue; Do Your Best!

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
I wanna share my experience to you. Well it's about "do your best" thing.
There is an accounting competition in one-of-my-very-"want-to-visit"-island and I wasn't chosen by my campus to join the competition *sob sob*. Not a big prob actually. But I love to compete in accounting competition... lose this chance kinda make me a little bit sad.
Then, I heard that I was not chosen because my 2nd semester accounting's got B+ (usually I got more than that). Oh my God! So not fair!!! (subjective opinion)
So, this is the story how I could get that B+. Actually I've done good on Accounting in each semester. On my 2nd semester, I actively asked questions in class, I also very opened with many questions from my friends and lecturer (whether my lecturers just asked me 1 question in the whole semester), I did--made discussion--with my classmates about the thing we hadn't understand. Really, I thought I've done a good job. But then, on the very last test, one of my answer was wrong. JUST 1. Oh hello! Just one and I got B+ for it huhu. My lecturer was so unfair. My friend who was copy my daily tasks got A. So not fair, sir! So, I regret for not do my best in Accounting. My fault, not my lecturer (whether he also was not fair).
And then I thought about my years in vocational high school. I was chosen in some accounting competitions not because I was good in Accounting. No. Neither I was in 10 big in my class. No, because I was not. I was chosen because I had some experience in competitions (whether they were not accounting competitions). My teacher said that I have competition mentality. Actually I hadn't known what it meant at that time. But then, time made me realized. It is not about how smart you are (whether it is the most important thing in a competition) but your readiness to do hard work and be tired to face the competition and also your readiness to lose. To be the winner is not every thing. But everything in competition is to be a winner.
So, it is different between my vocational high school and my college. In high school I was chosen because of my experiences (and alhamdulillah I've won several trophies) while in college the lecturer chose student with the highest GPA (whether my 3rd semester GPA was outstanding). So people, do not ever blame other people on anything you cannot get. Just corrected you're self. Do your best to get what you want!

Mid-test is getting closer and I'm still not ready for Audit & ASP huhu u,u So, today, I went to UI library to learn Financial Accounting (ahaha not Audit or ASP :P) with Ana, Alfi, & Sarah.

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