A Short Letter for My FH

dear my FH, I stalked one of my favourite blogger's insta account this morning. I saw her liking his boyfriend's photos. That made me stalked his boyfriend's insta account too. In his, I saw many photos and a video of him with her girlfriend. And then, I saw my friend's boyfriend uploaded his photo with my friend. I was kind of jealous. It is not like I like my favorite blogger and my friend's boyfriends. No, off course not. I was just wondering what if I had a boyfriend like them. I want to take pictures of me and my boyfriend too and share it with others through the social media. Don't know for what, actually. Just to show them that I have a boyfriend and we are happy together, think that we are meant to be together, make people jealous, I'm not sure.

But then... I thought (and still think) about you. What if my boyfriend is not you? What should I say to you if I had already had photos with another guy? That makes me stop thinking about having a "not-halal-yet" boyfriend. I want you to be my special one.

I do, have crush. It is normal, isn't it? Who knows that my crush is you or not. I am still searching and waiting for you. After that we can take photos as many as we want :D
I miss you and I love you.

your lovely FW,
Mid test is getting closer and I'm a little worry about it >,< This semester is so full of "memorizing", not like the 3rd semester that is full of "counting". My study schedule isn't working :'( Bismillah for the next 2 weeks. I hope I can do my best for my mid test.

P.s. My current favourite singer: Indah Nada Puspita. Why? Her voice is amazing! Just check it out in here.