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Minggu, 23 Maret 2014

My Kind of Interests

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
wow, it has been a long time since my last post. Many things had happened. Book Fair of Accounting Fair 2014 has done around 2 weeks ago (alhamdulillah fiuh)... Aaand I won the ASC, again. But this time I only got 3rd place with Dian. Yes, Dian my rival in last year ASC. Denis and Rani got 1st place. Halida and Ina got 2nd place.
I also had a very brief crush with my friend haha. But the feeling has gone since I knew he has crush on his friend (another girl of course). And now I need "Somebody to Love" (like the title of a song :P) haha.
By the way--forget about crush now--in this post I wanna share my so 'labil' interests. Since couple of months I don't like spending my spare-time in front of TV. Just browsing the internet somehow is also boring. So, I decided to make crafts or something.
Last year, I spent my time by making origamis. 
And then, I moved on to felt dolls. I thought if I concern in it, I can make money from it. But, after a week, it's over -_-'
In the beginning of 2014, I started crocheting. I never do it before. So it was kinda challenging. I have already been able to make floral brooch and amigurumi doll. How great for a beginner. I really wanted to be able to make a sweater or a scarf but then I gave up. I couldn't knit it. And crocheting has ended.
New semester has started. I have nothing to do on the week-end. But last night, Rosna tried to draw something and I thought about drawing together with her. But in the middle of it, Rosna gave up. What?! So I continue drawing alone ;( I just re-draw a picture I saw on the internet but I forgot where I saw it. So sorry. This is the drawing.
And then, I drown in the happy feeling of drawing :) Actually, I used to like drawing. It was (and is) my hobby since I was kid. But since I was on VHS, I rarely do it. My productive time is when I was still a Junior High School student. Pictures below are my hand-drawing (almost all of them are the re-draw, not my idea. Sorry.).
The oldest drawing. Sorry for the bad photo. I captured it using my smartphone's camera.
These pictures below are from some of my favorite Manga hehe... I drew it when I was on JHS.
When I was on JHS, I was so not confident in coloring my drawing. I am not good on it. But on VHS, I convince myself to add color to my drawing. And these are the result -_-'
This one below I made last night.
This morning I tried to draw Elsa, the main character from Disney's animation movie, Frozen. I love the story. Especially about the relationship between siblings--sisters. Rosna also likes it. She watched it for times.
This is my 'Elsa'. But, Elsa's expression not soft as I want ;( Even, she is looked arrogant in here. So sorry, Elsa. I haven't been able to mix colors. I couldn't add the 'bling' on Elsa's robe. I also couldn't make the snowflakes! Huhu, I need to learn more about coloring. But I wonder, 'till when I stay in drawing?
bad in coloring, on VHS I tried to fix it using photoshop. This is the result. I like it :)
Miss my Dad. I used to show my drawing to him when he arrived at home from work. And he used to give compliment for my drawing.
I think that's all I can share to you now. I miss posting my ootd but I am too lazy to do it T_T

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