Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
this is my very first post in 2014! How are your 2013 resolutions? Had they been fulfilled?
Huwaaa! I've just realized, I didn't write my 2013 resolutions! Huhu... cannot make sure if I had fulfilled my resolutions or not yet...
Well, alhamdulillah my 2nd semester IP was much better than my 1st, Rina has wore hijab since couple months ago, I has opened course, what else? Umm...
Yeah, I forget -_-'

Spent my time today resting because of my allergic--couldn't stop sneezing because of the weather, windy day. Got better tonight and directly had a very good time with my youngest sister, Rosna. We were webcaming, yeay! Sisters time! Honestly, I rarely take photos with my sister u,u But tonight I really had fun with her. Love you (   ^)3(^_^)

Okay, what are your 2014 resolutions? Mine are below:
1. Successfully do the #odoj (One Day One Juz) and khatam in less than 40 days
2. Successfully hold the Book Fair of Accounting Fair 2014 with other Book Fair crews.
3. Istiqamah in doing Monday and Thursday fasting, shalat Dhuha and Tahajjud, and shalat sunnah Rawatib.
4. In this year, my youngest sister, Rosna wears hijab.
5. Do the physical training min. twice a month.
6. My 3rd IP is better that my 2nd.
7. Get a part-time job on next holiday.
8. Get a fix company for "magang".
9. Open an online shop.
10. Go out of town.
11. Buy my Mom's favorite wallet.
12. Me and my blog featured in media :D
13. Meet my favorite blogger (ka'Indah Nada Puspita, ka'Fitri Aulia, ka'Ghaida Tsurayya, and ka'Diana Rikasari)
14. Get another scholarship >,<
InsyaAllah I will fulfill my 2014 resolutions :)