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Minggu, 31 Agustus 2014


Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how's life? I hope it's keeping better :) 2 weeks of new semester and my head has already want to "Boom!!!" Everything in this semester is about "Tugas Akhir" and "Magang". I'm still in the middle of dilemma. I want to have a not-mainstream title such as work in Governmental Comp. - Public Sector Accountancy field or Cooperation - SAK ETAP field but I also want to work in Audit field and that is tooooo mainstream. Geez. I should discuss it with my lecturer, I think.
Maybe I will rarely post things in here. It is my final year in college (because I'm taking Diploma 3) insyaAllah. So, I will kinda busy. I hope I can continue my study to S1 with my own money :)
Okay forget about my dilemma for a while, I took a look at my albums and I found love. Beauties! Yep! Flowers ^_^ I've posted them before but they were in different posts.

Oh, how I miss capturing them and others. I just have no time for hunting photos these days.

Kamis, 14 Agustus 2014

Another Family Time

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how's life? Mine is good and still in holiday. Oops holiday has ended, except for college student I think hehe... Well, new semester will start next week. Have no plan for this semester except study harder haha :D
In this post I just wanna share my family time. Late post actually, but no problem I think to share it now hehe...

Many people hardly have a chance to get quality time with their family. Everyone in the family is just too busy with their own business. You know, when everything seems difficult for you, you need to communicate it with your family. I mean, you need more togetherness time to sharing, chatting, eating, and anything.
You shouldn't search for perfect time such as planning a trip with your family and something like that. As for me, it is as simple as eating time: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Well, I rarely can have lunch together with my family but at least in the weekend I can eat with them. Dinner time is the most interesting part. We talk much after dinner, sharing our experience on that day, discuss today's issue (I used to talk about politic with my Dad), asking for advice and everything. On breakfast, well, everyone is in hurry to begin our own activity (go to school or college or office) but we still eat together.
After my lovely Dad was gone, we rarely eat together. It was too hard for my sister because she still remembered the time with our lovely one. But lately we start eating together again and I love it. The sadness is still there, hanging in front of our eyes but hey, we should move on, rite?
So guys, just love your family and give more time to be together with them--at least like me with the eating time--before it's too late.


Jumat, 01 Agustus 2014

The Power of Simplicity

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how was your eid fitri? Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum. Mohon maaf lahir batin ya... Terkadang diri ini khilaf dan masih tidak konsisten. Semoga kesalahan-kesalahan yang lalu dapat menjadi pelajaran agar menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik.
Outfit idea: pastel colors! My socks in the same color with my dust-pink shirt. My shoes in the same tone as my shirt and my sling bag. To be not pale, I wear pink pashmina and my dotty black skirt. I tied my hijab in this style because I want it to be simple for my family vacation. I love this look of mine. This is "The Power of Simplicity", I guess.

By the way, I went to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) with my little family this morning and today was my--also Rina and Rosna's--very first time get on a sky lift (kereta gantung). A little bit scared at the beginning but we've made it. Safe and happy. The line was not as long as I thought, if I remember we just waited for about 15 minutes and got on pink sky lift (yeay for pink!). The officer's so kind (bonus point).
Because we were not "Mudik", we visited Rumoh Aceh in TMII. Unfortunately, the traditional house was closed. So, we just sit and enjoy the view.
We also visited East Borneo and Bali. I just love to be in Bali. It is so Bali. I don't know. I am not sure. I haven't been in Bali. But it really looks like Bali that I watched on TV :P
Today is a really happy day with my beloved family (^_^)
How about your holiday? Hope you'll enjoy yours :) See you on the next post.

Sabtu, 19 Juli 2014

Monic Summer

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
woof, finally I could finish this felt tote-bag. It took 2 days to finish it actually, but the space between the days was sooooo long. It was so hard for me to finish it although I just needed to attach the hand-holder. I was tooooo lazy -_-' So sorry for the messy stitches, this tote-bag is 100% hand-made (by me and that's what make me lazy to finish it). Ooh I really wish I could have a sewing-machine... Maybe next year? InsyaAllah >,< If I had a sewing machine, maybe I could make it neatly sewed and could make more crafts.
I love the bird-application on the bag. Sooo cute and more than I expected.

This is my guidebook (^_^)
Just wanna share that. I wish I could make tutorial in making crafts. This is my current obsession. Maybe next time.

Rabu, 16 Juli 2014

Polygonal Lasso Tool

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
this time I'm back with another photoshop tutorial: How to Change Your Picture's Backgroud. Actually, it is almost same like Quick Mask Mode, but this time I'm using the lasso tool.
I'm using Photoshop 7.0 as usual. I don't know, I'm just too lazy to move on to Photoshop CS -_-' But basically, they are almost same.
I'm gonna explain how to do it in Bahasa.

1. Buka foto yang ingin kamu ganti latar/background-nya (Gambar 1). File > Open.

2. Buka juga gambar yang akan menjadi latar penggantinya (Gambar 2), pastikan ukurannya sama atau lebih besar. Jika ukurannya lebih besar, gunakan Crop Tool untuk memotongnya.

3. Klik tombol Maximize Gambar 1 dan perbesar tampilan (tingkatkan jumlah presentase pada kotak Navigator). Selanjutnya, kita akan menandai area yang akan diganti (background hijau pada Gambar 1). Klik Lasso Tool > Polygonal Lasso Tool.

4. Setelah itu, kita ubah area yang ditandai dengan mengklik Select > Inverse.

5. Gunakan Move Tool untuk memindahkan area yang sudah ditandai ke Gambar 2. Just Drag and Drop.

DONE! (^_^)
Bagian yang agak "tricky" adalah saat menggunakan Polygonal Lasso Tool untuk menandai area pada gambar. Untuk menandai gambar yang memiliki lebih banyak unsur garis lurus aku menggunakan teknik ini. Sedangkan untuk gambar yang memiliki lebih banyak unsur curves/garis lengkung aku menggunakan Quick Mask Mode. Biasanya sih gabungan keduanya hehe.
Untuk pertanyaan, kritik, atau saran bisa dengan menulis di kolom Comment ya :)
Okay, semoga bermanfaat!

Minggu, 13 Juli 2014


Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how's your fasting? Hopefully done well :)
In this post I just wanna share a little happiness of mine. Alhamdulillah I am one of winners in #MyHijUp periode: June 2014. Yeayness! That is my 2nd time join #MyHijUp on hijup.com and this time I won tee-hee. Somehow I am feeling so happy...
You can also join this for July 2014 periode or forward. Like it says, just simply post your pic on Instagram or Twitter, followed by hashtag #MyHijUp on the caption and see your pic on my.hijup.com.
I think that's all. I just wanna show my excitement hehe. See you on the next post.

Kamis, 10 Juli 2014

Midnight Post And Another Hijab Tutorial

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how's your fasting? Hopefully full 'till yesterday. Can't sleep. Too excited memorize surah Ar-Rahman >,< Well, at least I've got 30 verses now, 48 to go. I didn't went to any Islamic School (e.g. madrasah or pesantren) and I haven't search my way to memorize Al-Qur'an. So people, please pray for me to strengthen my determination to memorize Al-Qur'an.
But now, I think it's enough for today, oops! tomorrow, hehe... I'm gonna continue memorize the rest of surah Ar-Rahman this morning (insyaAllah). And before go to bed for a while (before sahur), I want to share something in here :)
Well actually I've just remembered how to make animated photos using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReady and too excited in making some animations :P I tried to make a animated hijab tutorial. In here I am wearing my pashmina in almost the same way as in Simple Way to Wear Your Square Hijab, just a little bit different because it is pashmina.
1. Result
2. Just play :P
3. Fold 1/3 of your pasmina;
4. Wear it with one side longer and safe it with your pin;
5. Take the longer side and bring it to your back on other side; pay attention, the longer side is under the shorter side;
6. Spread the shorter side and bring the tip to the back of your head;
7. Pin it to your inner;
8. Safe your pashmina on your shoulder with your pin so it won't move.
9. Done!
Almost same, rite? It's just the pashmina has a tail on the back. Somehow I like this style. I was inspired by indah nada puspita (as usual. Click here to see her pict). But I make an inovation hehe. Mine is a chest-covering style. She has her own style.
Whose daughter is that? Ahaha that is Aura, my neighbor.
Okay, see you on the next post people. Gonna sleep for... one hour maybe before sahur. 

Selasa, 08 Juli 2014

Simple Way to Wear Your Square Hijab

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
as I promised, here is my chest-covering square-hijab tutorial. Sebenarnya aku diajarin style ini oleh Sarah Hazimah hehe. Ternyata style ini nyaman buat aku, jadi sering dipake ke kampus deh hehe... Sudah begitu, wajah bulatku (gambar 1) jadi tidak terlihat terlalu bulat (gambar "reni safitri") :)
1. Lipat square-hijab menjadi persegi panjang (ingat ya, persegi panjang bukan segitiga hehe) dan pakai dengan satu bagian lebih panjang.
2. Pasang peniti/jarum pentul.
3. Ambil bagian yang lebih panjang dan bawa ke atas kepala.
4. Pasang peniti/jarum pentul.
5. Rapikan dan pasang juga peniti/jarum pentul pada bahu yang dilewati bagian panjang tadi agar jilbab tidak bergeser.
6. Bisa juga kamu tambahkan bros kesukaannmu pada tampilan ini tapi jangan berlebihan untuk menghindari tabarruj.
I am not wear that brooch to campus. Di sini aku iseng saja bermain dengan bros dari blazerku hihi...
- Pakai square-hijab yang cukup tebal;
- Pakai square-hijab yang cukup lebar supaya saat dilipat menjadi 2 (persegi panjang, tidak terlalu pendek.

Semoga bermanfaat ya...

The Most Valuable Treasure; Family

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
today is 10th Ramadhan, how's your fasting? Alhamdulillah for the past 9 days I've fasted well. Semoga tidak hanya sekedar haus dan lapar. Semoga juga di Ramadhan tahun ini keimananku dapat meningkat dan aku semakin dapat mendekatkan diri kepada Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah Ramadhan kali ini aku di tengah-tengah liburan, jadi waktu untuk ibadah lebih banyak.
Tahun ini mau full di rumah supaya bisa buka puasa dan sahur bareng Mama, Rina, dan Rosna. Tahun ini super beda karena ga bisa puasa, buka puasa, sahur, tarawih bareng bapak lagi. Sedih. Tapi ga boleh sedih terus, kan... InsyaAllah do'a selalu dikirim untuk Bapak tercinta. Love you to the MAX, Pak (   ^)3{^_^)
Minggu lalu, Mama ulang tahun. Aku bikin rencana kejutan kecil untuk Mama bareng Rina dan Rosna. Rencananya, kue ulang tahunnya sekalian buat buka puasa. Karena buka puasa makan kue itu agak ga pas buat kami, jadilah aku dan Rina beli burger untuk buka puasa, pengganti kue ulang tahun Mama. Dan ini dia aku dan Mama dengan "birthday burgers"-nya hehe
Untuk hadiahnya... umm... rahasia :)

Kebahagian kecil itulah yang paling berarti. Kebagiaan lainnya itu bonus :D

Doaku, semoga Mama panjang umur, sehat selalu, dimudahkan segala urusannya, lancar rejekinya, semakin dekat dengan Allah, pantang menyerah untuk Reni, Rina, dan Rosna, dan semoga semua doa mama dijabah Allah SWT. Pokoknya, doa-doa terbaik semua untuk Mama. Aamiin. Love you to the MAX, Ma (   ^)3{^_^)
Reni saaaaaaaaaayang Bapak, Mama, Rina, dan Rosna (   ^)3(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)
Jadi, di post ini aku sharing tentang keluarga deh :) Rasanya terdengar lagu di latar belakang, "Harta yang paling berharga adalah keluarga, istana yang paling indah adalah keluarga..." (edisi ga hapal lagunya). Itu lagu di sinetron "Keluarga Cemara", kan ya? Jadi kangen si Abah juga hihi..
How about you? Maksudnya bukan tentang Keluarga Cemara, tapi keluargamu. Pasti sama rasanya, kan? Keluarga itu adalah anugerah terindah yang diberikan oleh Allah SWT kepada kita.
Okay, sekian sharing-nya hehe. Setelah ini aku mau share square hijab tutorial :P It's been a long time since my last tutorial, rite? Hmm...
Okay, see you on the next post.

Sabtu, 21 Juni 2014

Back to High School...

anyone? hehe.

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
I just wanna share my outfit today (sounds weird if I wrote "ootd" -_-'). Nothing special actually hehe.
It's just... my look looks like a senior high school student. I've just realized when Rosna took my photo -_-' But somehow I like this look. Simple and neat. But because the colors and my tiny body, people thought I am a high school student and surprised when I told them I am on my 4th semester in college -_-'

Back to Elementary School

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how's your day? Hopefully you enjoy yours like me--enjoy mine. H-2 final test u,u. Can't wait for Friday, first "Free-Day". Spent my two days (Thursday and Friday) by studied with Ana, Alfi, and Sarah. I haven't done my finance accounting homework ;( Gonna finish it tonight! InsyaAllah >,<
Today I attended Rosna's graduation day. So excited because I heard she got 2nd place in class on National Examination. I am sure she will get a reward by her headmaster.
Today Rosna performed a poet-reading and became her class choir's conductor.
The surprise came when Ibu Jamatun, the headmaster, announced the big 10 in class. It is a public secret that Rosna and Mega always compete to get the first place. If Rosna 1st, Mega 2nd. If Mega 1st, Rosna 2nd. We--Me, Mom, Rosna's friends, Rosna's friends' parents--thought that Rosna got 2nd place in class because her National Examination's score but Ibu Jamatun announced the final result of National Examination's score and School Examination (Ujian Sekolah) aaaaand... Rosna got the 1st place! Alhamdulillah.
Mega and Rosna
Congratulation Rosna! This is the result of your hardwork and pray. Now, ganbatte for Junior High School registration. Keep praying so you can continue your study to favourite school. As for Mega, I know you will never give up. I hope you also can continue your study to your favourite school :)

"You are not fail when you keep trying. You are fail when you stop trying."
- unknown

So people, never give up to your dream. Rosna also has inspired me. When we've just our beloved father, she still study hard to make him proud. She made it, insyaAllah. Often beaten by her rival makes her study harder and harder. Alhamdulillah, she made it.
See you on the net post :) Hope you are inspired.

Rabu, 18 Juni 2014

Besties Hang Out

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how's life? Have you already in your holiday? I haven't. Holiday is still around +-2 weeks to come huhu... But I really excited welcoming Ramadhan month. Holiday also starts on the beginning of that holy month. But before that, I must face UAS :@
Last saturday, ana, alfi, sarah, & I went to a seminar in Japan Foundation. We met a really kind Japanese man from Tokyo International University. He kindly explained about our interest in Japanese. Alhamdulillah, we had a kind translator. A kind woman with hijab :) Well, 4 of us really excited about continue our study to Japan, so the Japanese man asked for our e-mail addresses and promised to contact us via e-mail. Hopefully he will do his promise X| 
After we had our lunch, we went to Monas! Yah, we wanted to enjoy the "Pekan Rakyat Nasional 2014". It was really crowded and we really enjoyed it. Took some pictures too hehe... After that we had Italian ice cream at Ragusa. Finally, we ended up our day by went to Istiqlal Mosque :) 
It's one of most valuable time to spend your time with your besties. Thank you ana, alfi, & sarah for the fun time X) We can hang out together again next time... insyaAllah 
"When you're up, your friends know who you are. When you're down, you know who your friends are."
We were Ana's photography objects. She was--and is still learning how to operate her camera manually. But most of the photos on that day ended up in blur. I chose the not-so-blur photos to be shared in this post. Don't give up Ana! I hope you are getting better in your interest (so I can ask you to take more photos of me hahaha kidding na).
Okay, I think that's all for now. See you on the next post :)