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Sabtu, 16 November 2013

Tutorial And A Little Sharing From Me

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
my life so far so good. How 'bout you? By the way I'm gonna share you a hijab tutorial. It's a chest-covering hijab style using pashmina (thick, so it's not transparent). It's very simple. It can be your college or daily-look style. By the way it's my college and daily look style actually (whispering) hehe. I was taught by Ipeh, my classmate at college.
1. Use your pashmina with one side longer.
2. Pin it under your chin.
3-4. Take the long side, bring to the front and then the back of your neck back to its side.
5. Pin it with your favorite pin or brooch.
6. Done! It's a chest covering hijab style :)
I still confused about the definition of tabarrujj. I... yeah, tabarrujj means "too much". Wear so much accessories on your hijab or layering too much... I was told to wear it simply--triangle hijab, pin it under chin and pin it a lil under shoulder. But I've also ever heard that we can follow the fashion thing but don't break the rule (keep syar'i, please). The style above is simple but up-to-date. So... is it tabarujj or not?
Yeah, nowadays there are so much muslimah playing with styling-hijab thing (turban, aliqa, and bla bla bla). For turban, it is not recommended because it shows our neck shape and doesn't cover our chest. As for layering, layering too much can make our head looks bigger than it should be. It also can make the camel's-back shape and it is forbidden in Islam. And for wears too much accessories, I have no doubt it is tabarujj or not.
I know my hijab is still far from perfect. For tutorials in this blog, since two months ago I've never use the not-covering-chest hijab style anymore. The style on the last 2nd post is half-covering. Just realized it after write this post *sob sob* That style is my friend's style. Actually to play save, I often wears pashmina as my hijab because it is thick and long enough (covering my chest). I never blame every muslimah who doesn't wear syar'i hijab because, like me, we change step by step, slowly but sure, insyaAllah, to be better.
As for outfits, please don't wear tight outfits (tight top or skinny jeans). It can show the shape of our body. Top + skirt or long dress can make us looks more girly and elegant. No trouser because it's boyish. Sounds impossible??? Naaah. How could I say that? Because alhamdulillah I've left my trousers and just wear skirt or long dress :) Amazing thing is when we can do the impossible thing, right?
W-o-w such a long write from me O_o Bismillah, insyaAllah it'll useful for you dear reader, especially for you dear ladies :) Hope we can be better and better every each day, one step at a time. InsyaAllah.
See you on the next post.

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