My Kind of Transformation

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
just 3 weeks to UAS and I've been busy to prepare it. I had make schedule with Ana for our study plan. It's gonna be a tough 3 weeks I think. How about your day? Hopefully good :)
Fyi, now I'm writing and posting this post using my smartphone. It's my firstie and I'm not used to it but at least I'm trying, right?
By the way the first photo below is my kind of "transformation". The upper left is me when I was still on 9th grade. The upper right is when I was still on 10th grade. The photo below them are when I was on 12th grade (grey hijab) and my present look. I miss my chubby cheek *sob sob* Oh ya, now I'm using Wardah as my facial treatment, especially the acne series. I should treat my face and body nicely for my own satisfy and my FH hehe
The second photo is my current favorite cam style :P
I think that's all for now.