Just the voice of my heart.

I really wanna graduate immediately and then get job with good salary. There are so many things I wanna do with my sal. I wanna save some to build a home for my Mom, save some so she can visit Mekkah to do Hajj (better if we can go together, insyaAllah), save some for both of my sisters's school, save some so I can continue my study to S1 (UI, insyaAllah) even S2 (abroad, insyaAllah), save some to open my own business(es) (make my own fashion brand and open a florist, insyaAllah), etc. For now, I just can concentrate on my study (Mom's request) and planning what I gotta do next. Human can plan, but Allah decides. Hope, because those are good wish--good plan--good pray, Allah will make my dreams come true (>_<) insyaAllah. Please pray for me, dear reader. It is really worth for me.