Beggie Jeans? Nah.

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how are you. Hopefully good. Mine is good enough. Now I'm in the middle of Mid-Test week. Tomorrow I'll face the Cost Accounting test. But I can't fall asleep, so I'm blogging :)
By the way, I think I'm not gonna use my jeans trouser anymore. I prefer skirt or long dress as my outfit. I am inspired by Fitri Aulia. I never see her wearing trouser except when exercise and it is also a loose trouser.
I have some tops those are quite loose and I think they are not gonna looked good if I wear wide skirt. So, I tricked it using an-almost-pencil skirt :D It's not wide but it's not tight and it is a little bit elastic.

By the way, Fitri Aulia is one of my favorite Indonesian Moslem Fashion Designer. She owns KIVITZ. I love the way she keeps stylish in syar'i way. No tight wears. If Dian Pelangi ( often introduce Palembang, South Sumatera through her design or outfits, Fitri Aulia introduce Aceh trough hers. Because my home town is also Aceh, I love her even more hehe. You can visit her blog at You also can follow her instagram @fitriaulia_.