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Kamis, 18 Juli 2013

Hijab Tutorial #6

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
how's life? Mine isn't good. Sick in Ramadhan month. But I'm still fasting. My sickness is really weird. I'm sick but I'm not haha. Yeah I don't feel anything hurt in my body but I'm sick. Weird. But, please pray for me so I can get well soon. It's really worth it.
Okay, now I'm gonna show you a hijab tutorial using pashmina. I got two styles in here.
1. Use your pashmina with one side longer (to be easier, the longer side is on the left)
2. Take the shorter side (right) and pin it behind your left ear
3. Also pin the right side so it won't move
4. Pin the long side beside your cheek
5-6. Bring the long side over your head back to its side
7-8. Pin both right and left side in front of your ears
Add your favourite brooch, and Finish!!!
If you want another style, you just have to continue the 8th step above to 9th step below.
9. Take the rest of the long side
10. Take the back tip and bring it to the back of your head from the inside
11. Pin it
If there is(are) something not clear, please feel free to ask me through the comment box.


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