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Jumat, 05 Juli 2013

Hijab Tutorial #3

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader,
yeah, I'm in the mood to make hijab tutorial. This time I'm using my shirt-pashmina. Actually, this tutorial is almost same as my 1st tutorial. The difference is on the 4th step hehe... I think I just wanna show you that one hijab style can be made by using many kind of hijabs (pashmina or rectangle) and if you change the way you wear your hijab just a little bit (like I've done), you will get another (new) hijab style. Well, maybe not for all style hehe.
1. Use your pashmina with one side longer
2. Pin both right and left side of your pashmina to your inner, behind your ears
3. Bring the longer side to the other side from the inside
4. Take the longer side to cover the top of your head (see picture)
5. Pin it behind your ear
6. Pin the rest to the other side, on your shoulder
7. Finish! You can add accessories to sweeten your appearance :)
I think I made mistake, wearing red shirt + red pashmina -_-' Sorry if it hurts your eyes.
Okay, see you on next post.


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