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Sabtu, 30 Maret 2013


Assalamu'alaikum dear reader...
This is my second photoshop tutorial. I made it because my friends keep asking me how to edit photos using photoshop. Now I just want to share how to make your photos brighter using "Curves". I'm using my Photoshop 7.0 as usual.
1. Open Photoshop 7.0 and photos you want to be edited
2. Click Images > Adjustments > Curves... or Ctrl+M
3. Fill the input and output number. Output number must be bigger than the input number to make the photo brighter. The number is up to you but I prefer start the input number on 100 or 120 :)
4. Click OK aaaaand... finish
This is the difference :)
You also can combine this tutorial with my first tutorial, "Quick Mask Mode", to make just some parts in the photo looks brighter. Use the QMM first, then use the Curves :)
Hope it will useful for you.
See you, Wassalamu'alaikum,

Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Sunny Day On Free Day

Assalamu'alaikum dear reader :)
Alhamdulillah I've already at home. This morning I played with my outfit and tried a new hijab style (new for me hehe). I used Laili Meutia's hijab tutorial. Love that hijab and the style (in Bahasa) karena pashmina itu berbahan kaos dan tebal (tidak transparan), sedangkan gayanya membiarkan pashmina menjuntai menutupi dada dan cukup panjang di bagian belakang :)

InsyaAllah this afternoon I'm going to Simin house. Today is her birthday. Happy Birthday my dear friend...
I think that's all. As usual I don't know what to say in my post hehe so sorry dear... Okay then, see you on next post :)

Rabu, 27 Maret 2013

While There Was Nothing To Do...

Just play with your web cam--like me hehe
Assalamu'alaikum dear reader :)
How's your day? Mine is quite-good :)
Now, I'm enjoying myself live in my new living place. It has been 2 weeks I've spent my time in here. Really miss my Mom, Dad, Rina, & Rosna huhu... But tomorrow I'll go home (insyaAllah) yeay!
This week my room will be re-painted. Maybe in white again -_- I want yellow or light-green or light-blue...
By the way, that is my new favorite Islamic novel. Akatsuki by Miyazaki Ichigo. It really is a good novel. The plot took place at Japan but it's written in Bahasa. Sad yet romantic story. This is such a must-read Islamic novel.
Okay, then see ya in next post.

Minggu, 17 Maret 2013


Assalamu'alaikum bloggers :)
I spent my week-end in sickness :( Alhamdulillah now I'm getting better and tomorrow I'll be able to go to campus.

Start from tomorrow I'll spend my week-days in my new living place (go back home on week-end). This afternoon I spent time to packed my stuffs. Too many stuffs and I wonder how can I bring that all by myself? *_*
Okay then, hope you'll enjoy your day tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the day after and ... haha okay you know what I mean, don't you?


Kamis, 14 Maret 2013

While Waiting...

Assalamu'alaikum dear bloggers.
Today is kinda interesting. I enjoyed myself on Aplikom lesson, was slept on Bahasa lesson but got a compliment from Mr. Hasyim (not because I slept, but because I volunteered to read an article :P). Thank you Mr. Hasyim and sorry because I slept on your class >,<
Now, I'm still waiting for 4 o'clock to attend Debate Class in PEC. While waiting, I shot some pictures hehe and didn't even care about people stares at me because my acts--expressions :P

Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

Red Is The New Red :D

Assalamu'alaikum bloggers
After back from Depok, took a rest for around an hour then went to attend the Arisan.(part IX). Again at McD haha... And the winner is... Nunu :)

Get Ready!

Assalamu'alaikum dear readers
Today I went to Beji, Depok to visit my future kamar kos (fks). Last night Alfi called me and told me that she has found a kamar kos for us near her old kos. So, today we went to there together (Alfi with her parents, cousin, and grand-mom. Me with my mom.).
But... when we arrived, the owner of the kos is out of town and will be back on Monday afternoon. In the kos, there were 2 girls who is nice and let us see our fks. Our fks is on 2nd floor. It's quite wide and comfortable for us. But the bathrooms are seperated from rooms, it's on 1st floor. Next time gonna take picture of my new living place :)

Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013

Blog Lovin'

After saw many blogs have Blog Lovin' Badge, I decided to try it too hehe.

ASC-AF 2013

Assalamu'alaikum bloggers :)

It's been a long time since my last post. This time I'm bringing a good-news. Alhamdulillah I passed the final of the ASC (Accounting Smart Competition) of AF (Accounting Fair) 2013 and yesterday was the grand-finale. I joined this competition together with my lovely chair-mate, Soimah, as a team. When we surely passed the final and went to the grand-finale as big-three, we had expected that we were gonna be on 3rd place. But then, alhamdulillah, Allah gave us the 1st place. It was really out of our expectation. Subhanallah.

Thank's for Alfi, Ana, Nisa, & Ibnu for the support whole this time. I really appreciate it! Love you guys.
Reni, Alfi, & Ana
Nisa, Soimah, Reni, & Ibnu
Fyi, this competition was just for accounting student of PNJ (2nd & 4th semester). This was such an experience. I've seen other student from other classes and they are all great! Oh, in this post I also want to congratulate Denis & Dian from AK 2C Pagi for becoming the runner-up and for Ayu & Mala from AK 2A Pagi on 3rd place. You're all great girls!
Fact: we are all hijabees ^_^