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Minggu, 17 Februari 2013

I'm New On Pinterest

Assalamu'alaikum bloggers,
how are you all doin'? Alhamdulillah I'm good. I've just passed my first week on my new semester and already have many homeworks. I've planned to spend my week-end to do those but it turned out I can't. The homeworks are a little bit more complicated and I have to ask about my problem to my lecturers on Monday.
So, this morning after gave my maximal try to do my homeworks, I browsed the internet. Aaand... I've just joined Pinterest :)
Greet me at Pinterest if you want. I'll be glad if you do and greet you back :)
Oh by the way, I'll meet Sakina and Widya this afternoon. Can't patiently wait to meet them again.

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