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Jumat, 04 Januari 2013

Another Morning Post

Hello Friday! This morning was so cold because of the rain made me so lazy to do anything. But, now I have already at SMK Negeri 10 Jakarta to share my LKS experience to my junior, Marcella & Ana.
By the way, I want to share yesterday experience. Yesterday, as you can see on my last post, I used sunglasses. When I was on my way to Stasiun Duren Kalibata, two men looked at me and said, "Orang Malaysia, orang Malaysia." I just smiled at them and kept walking. How came my appearance like Malaysian? And on Stasiun Universitas Indonesia, I bought a bottle of tea and the seller whispering to his friend, loud enough to be heard by me, "Ada artis." Same as the last case, I just smiled at them and pay the beverage I bought. Hhh. What wrong with this sunglasses?

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