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Minggu, 13 Januari 2013

Present from My Lovely Chairmate

Thank you Soimah for the Color-Change Hello Kitty Lamp. Love it. You always kind to me. Love you Soim <3>

Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

Go, Accounting!

Now, waiting for the result of Accounting in LKS 2013. It was held on SMK Negeri 50 Jakarta. The best wishes for both of SMK Negeri 10 participants, Marcella & Ana :) Keep praying :)
L to R: Farah, Marcella, Ana
Picture: Doc. Farah

Minggu, 06 Januari 2013

Arisan Part VII: At Ancol

Nunu, Haryanni, Reni, Shasa, Zulfani, Kartika, Fitri, & Aji
Shasa, Mayang, Kartika, & Haryanni
Top: Reni, Kartika, Diane, Fitri
Bot: Shasa, Mayang, Haryanni, Zulfani, Nunu
Fitri, Zulfani, Shasa, Nunu, Kartika, Diane, & Haryanni
Shasa, Fitri, Reni, Zulfani, & Nunu
Left: Reni & Fitri
Right: Reni & Nunu
Left: Reni & Shasa (ex-chairmate)
Right: Reni, Zulfani, & Aji


Salaam bloggers.
Let's say hello for my new age, 18! Hello, 18! Okay, I hope on 18 I'll do many great things. Aku cuma bisa bedoa walaupun umur berkurang, semoga keimananku kepada Allah SWT, para malaikat-Nya, kitab-kitab-Nya, para rasul-Nya, hari akhir, serta Qada dan Qadar meningkat (aamiin). Semoga juga ibadah dan kesolehaanku meningkat (aamiin).
Alhamdulillah aku masih diberi kesempatan oleh Allah untuk tetap eksis di dunia fana ini sampai saat ini. Semoga bisa aku manfaatkan, aku isi dengan hal-hal baik atas nama Allah.
Semoga aku semakin bisa membuat orang tuaku bahagia dan bangga denganku :)
Semoga rizki untuk keluargaku semakin berlimpah.
Semoga kuliahku lancar :)
Semoga silaturahmi dengan teman-temanku saat ini tetap terjaga dan dapat menambah ikatan silaturahmi dengan orang lain.
Aamiin Allahumma Aamiin :)
At Ancol

Reni Safitri

Sabtu, 05 Januari 2013


Yeah, today I'm in a pink mood (re: happy). This afternoon went to Falhah's house. At 5 went to Taman Menteng with my sista, Rina. First time went there hehe. Love the spot.

Another Side of Jekada

Today I'm wearing the same outfit as last year's post hehe.
While waiting for my Mom, I asked Rosna to take pictures of me hehe.
with Rosna, my youngest sista
On the way back home and trough a "Kebun Kangkung". Just like I'm not in Jakarta :)

In the "Komplek"

This morning, I accompanied my mother to masjid Ar-Rahmah. Mom wanted to pay her Nazar.
My mom :)
Reni, while waiting her mommy :) 

Jumat, 04 Januari 2013

Another Morning Post

Hello Friday! This morning was so cold because of the rain made me so lazy to do anything. But, now I have already at SMK Negeri 10 Jakarta to share my LKS experience to my junior, Marcella & Ana.
By the way, I want to share yesterday experience. Yesterday, as you can see on my last post, I used sunglasses. When I was on my way to Stasiun Duren Kalibata, two men looked at me and said, "Orang Malaysia, orang Malaysia." I just smiled at them and kept walking. How came my appearance like Malaysian? And on Stasiun Universitas Indonesia, I bought a bottle of tea and the seller whispering to his friend, loud enough to be heard by me, "Ada artis." Same as the last case, I just smiled at them and pay the beverage I bought. Hhh. What wrong with this sunglasses?

Kamis, 03 Januari 2013

Morning Post

Okay, today's agenda:
1. Go to SMKN 10 Jakarta to watch my juniors (were) practice for the next LKS.
2. Go to PNJ to see my test result.

Rabu, 02 Januari 2013

Second Day of 2013

Okay, today I went to PNJ to attend PEC Sarasehan 1st Pleno. This week is gonna be a very busy week for me. My agenda is so full 'till Sunday. Just hope my UAS result is good so I don't need to back to PNJ next week. Wanna have the real holiday!
Wearing a Gamis I bought in Aceh and Sunglasses from Jogja :)