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Senin, 19 November 2012

Wrong Perspective

It's sure good for you to read the "terms & conditions" of a contest carefully. If not, you'll end up got the wrong perspective like me hikz. I joined "What's Your Color ID" contest held by Blackberry & FimelaGirl.com. The prizes are Blackberry Curve 9320 + Marc by Marc Jacob bag (4 packages). Also 6 Le Sportsac bags.

The wrong perspective: I thought "4 most voted finalists" will get BB Curve 9320 + MbMJ bag and 6 finalists under them will get LS bag. And it's wrong. My bad :'(
4 winners who will get the grand prize will be decided based on public voting and the assessment of Color ID jury(ies). And 6 most voted finalists willl get a Le Sportsac bag for each of them.

(no violent in that picture :) )
So, all I can do now is keep asking people to vote for me so, minimal I'll get the LS bag. But I really hope & pray to get the Grand Prize: Blackberry Curve 9320 & Marc by Marc Jacob bag (^_^)

Please vote for me guys by click here and please pray for me so I can get the Grand Prize \(^_^)/

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