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Rabu, 21 November 2012

Catch A Cold

Hello, people! How's your day? Mine wasn't good. I'm catching a cold :'( Since last night, I can't stop sneezing. But today I still went to campus. I used double jacket + a masker. I felt like a freak, used double jacket in hot day like today. If I spotted my look, I would post the photo... :P
Okay guys, just pray for me so I can get well soon :)

Senin, 19 November 2012

Wrong Perspective

It's sure good for you to read the "terms & conditions" of a contest carefully. If not, you'll end up got the wrong perspective like me hikz. I joined "What's Your Color ID" contest held by Blackberry & FimelaGirl.com. The prizes are Blackberry Curve 9320 + Marc by Marc Jacob bag (4 packages). Also 6 Le Sportsac bags.

The wrong perspective: I thought "4 most voted finalists" will get BB Curve 9320 + MbMJ bag and 6 finalists under them will get LS bag. And it's wrong. My bad :'(
4 winners who will get the grand prize will be decided based on public voting and the assessment of Color ID jury(ies). And 6 most voted finalists willl get a Le Sportsac bag for each of them.

(no violent in that picture :) )
So, all I can do now is keep asking people to vote for me so, minimal I'll get the LS bag. But I really hope & pray to get the Grand Prize: Blackberry Curve 9320 & Marc by Marc Jacob bag (^_^)

Please vote for me guys by click here and please pray for me so I can get the Grand Prize \(^_^)/

BlackBerry® & FimelaGirl.com presents - What's Your COLORID

BlackBerry® & FimelaGirl.com presents - What's Your COLORID

Jumat, 16 November 2012

Girl in Black

Hello everyone! I've just joined "What's Your Color ID" in fimelagirl.com. Try to join this too and you'll know what your Color ID is. Mine is black :) Oh, would you mind to vote me to win BlackBerry® Curve™ 9320 and bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs? Please click here.

How to vote?
You must register in fimelagirl.com or girl.fimela.com first.
1. Go to fimelagirl.com or girl.fimela.com and click "Login/Register"
2. Click "Create New Account" and fill the form (fill the right/active e-mail address) then, click "Create New Account" box
3. Open new tab and go to your e-mail, look in your inbox if there are an e-mail from fimelagirl to see what's your username and password
4. Back to fimelagirl.com or girl.fimela.com and click "Login/Register" again
5. Log in with the username and password you got via e-mail
6. Click here and click "vote"

Kamis, 15 November 2012

Yellow. Again?

Don't ask why I almost always use that grey jeans. I notice it and I don't know why. I did use maxi skirt but always forget to take the picture.

Happy New Hijriah Year! (^_^)

Alhamdulillah another year has passed and now we are facing the new year, 1434 H :).
- Not skip even one of 5 pray a day and try to be always on time in doing that
- More diligent to do Tadarus, Shalat Dhuha, and Shalat Tahajud
- Increase my ability to control my emotion
- Always Ikhlas in doing everything
- More diligent to attend Mentoring at campus
- Redeem Ramadhan fasting (2 days left)
- Add more time to use maxi skirt
- My sister, Rina, use hijab this year (aamiin)

Rabu, 14 November 2012

Camera 360

Android apps downloaded via Soimah's Samsung tab. Here are some photos taken by that app.
with Soimah, my desk-mate
with Febriana Rusyda (Ana), my class-mate
Want this

IIIrd World War?

No. It's a tablet war in our galaxy :P Read this -> Tablet War (in Bahasa) I really want one of them because I don't have one, yet. Is there any people want to give me one of them free? Hahaha. He/she must be the kindest person in the world :D Oh by the way, android and windows 8 are just some of O.S. right? Why is it say Tablet War and not O.S. War???
Want this
or this
or this
or other tablet :P

Senin, 05 November 2012

Couple Crane

Lately, I'm really into origami. Just bought a pack of origami paper this afternoon and spent time taught Rosna how to make crane, frog, and heart-shaped origami.

Sabtu, 03 November 2012

Arisan Part IV or V ?

I'm not sure. Today's venue is Ayam Lepaas Cililitan. And people who came just Haryanni, Nunu, Mayang, Siska, & Me (how come?!). Well, Zulfani & Diane still have to finish they work at the office. The others? Dunno. Hhh... But still got freshen up by gather again this afternoon :) Miss those who didn't come.

And the name who came out from the bottle belongs to... *drum roll*
"Mayang!" (^_^)

Swan Lake

Origami mode: On.
Swan-ple has found her love, Swan-lue.
Been in purple mood today (re: Happy!) Gonna meet my VHS classmates this afternoon.

Jumat, 02 November 2012

Spread The Love

My first heart-shaped origami by me hehe. I really wanted to attached someone's name on it but then it turned out to be my own name (and it's not on "it") :P But I think that's mean my love for you all who read this post hehe <3>
(How to make: click here)