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Senin, 08 Oktober 2012

Bad Mood?

I just can't decide what to write, yet. Hmm... Many things have happened and because I didn't write about it, I've forgot -_____-'
Well, I joined 2 UKMs (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa) now. They're FIKRI and PEC. I've decided to not join in HMJA this year but... MAYBE I'll try to do the interview next year.
Now, my favorite lessons are Pengantar Komputer and Akuntansi (it's kinda weird to call the lessons in Bahasa, but I don't know what is "Pengantar Komputer" in English). Actually, my favorite lesson ever is English... but on this semester I don't get the lesson. Sad.
Lately I'm so not with my digi-cam and because of that I don't have any spirit to post something in this blog. I don't know why. (So, it depends on my digi-cam wether I want or don't want to write in here?!)
Well, this time I don't know why I want to write in here. Ahh... what am I talking about???
Since in college, I've wasted time more than I've ever done. I waste my time because of waiting for the train in the morning, waiting for BiPol (Bis Politeknik), waiting for the PEC time (Wednesday & Friday), waiting for the train again in the afternoon, waiting for my dad to pick me up at the station... Hate it but I can do nothing. It's not my fault. I've arranged my schedule so everything will fix but somehow something or someone or some people will mess it up.
I'm not in the mood to say happy things. Hhh...

So sorry...

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