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Minggu, 08 Juli 2012

From KFC to McD

First period of the arisan I joined. Spent this afternoon with Diane, Fitri, Tika, Nunu, Siska, Zulfani, Haryanni, & Aji at KFC - PGC. Haryanni's watch really is made of rubber. We've planned to begin on 3.30 and she came on 4.30 hhh... But had fun-time with all of 'em. Around 6 we moved to McD just to have French Fries and Fanta. Why we didn't have it in KFC, I'm not sure :P
Fitri, Tika, & Aji
Tika & Zulfani
Tika, Zulfani, Aji, & Haryanni
Guess whose name it is...?
Siska & Haryanni
Nunu & Zulfani
Siska & Me
And the first period winner is...
Haryanni!!! \(^_^)/

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