Absent From The Office :(

Went to school this morning and got a bad-mood. No comments why.

Met many friends. Met Mety and Dian Ratna in school's parking area. Had Bakmi for lunch with Nisa and Fitri. Online in the lab with Azar, Suhe, and some others. Farah and Wardah had just arrived from Puncak. Both of them were really wanted to eat meatball, so... They, with Azar and I, ate "Bakso Pade" near our school in the afternoon.
Wardah, Azar, & Farah
(Just has this photo from today activities. Pity.)
When I arrived at home, still with full stomach, I saw chicken satay for dinner in the kitchen. Wew, I ate a lot today.

Summary of today's feeling is good enough because of full stomach and met some lovely friends.