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Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

Weeky week

Wew. Long week, I had. At the beginning, I still confused whether I'll spend my holiday by just learning for the SNMPTN or get my self a part-time job. On Monday, I went to school and meet Farah. In the afternoon, she asked me to go with her to Global TV to get a part-time job. Well, on that day, we just put our CV and went home. On Tuesday, I just spent my time at home. I didn't know that Farah and Della actually went to Global TV on that day. In the night, they tell me that we must go to Global TV the next morning. On Wednesday, we were interviewed by our user. Della and I were put in Billing Sub-Division while Farah in Purchasing Sub-Division. On Thursday, we started to work. Della and I really got a tiring job. On Friday, I've learned from Thursday that I must bring my own lunch. So, I cooked omelets for my lunch by myself in the morning. Still, our work was very tiring. On Saturday, I still had a meeting with my school mates to talk about the graduation day. On Sunday, I really FREE!!!
I wonder, is it will always like this--my Sunday--after education world?

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