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Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

Missing The Blue Sky

Hello, everyone. Still busy here. Really miss all of my friends. Alhamdulillah last Monday I've met them but still, now I'm missing them. Pity, Gembul's haven't got any chances to gather together, celebrate our graduation. But we've planned to. Maybe, this Saturday... I'm not sure but hoping.
Oh, I'd like to share my love story haha. Well, there is no such a love story now. Oh my... I'm in an error mode. (Just forget this paragraph.)
2 days ago, my avatar on twitter became an egg with blue background because accidentally I deleted my previous avatar. I've tried to change it with a new one, my photo, but it didn't work out. Also with other photos. Just a view minutes ago, I tried to change it with "Kaitou Kuroba" picture and it worked! Weird. No weird. I think, it's the picture's size.
People, don't you miss a sunny day? I do. I also miss Kaitou Kuroba.
(April's Sky)

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