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Minggu, 13 Mei 2012


Flat Sunday! The day I wait for just flat -___-" Hah! Well, not so flat. I found an interesting game-online. It's stardoll.com . My cute doll named Chleo.All.Star.
This is Chleo in her suite:
And I made this using background feature. I call it "All Star's Collection: Randomization". My Chleo is wearing pink short-dress :)
I made this too. But pity, I forgot to save it :'( Gonna make it again and call it "All Star's Collection: Oscar Night". My Chleo is wearing the black blink dress. Sweet, isn't she? :)
Okay again, I made it. I call it "All Star's Collection: Couple in Autumn". My Chleo is wearing the plaid red-black shirt and the boy next to her is Jesse McCartney. Haha.

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