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Kamis, 31 Mei 2012


Allah is very kind to me today. This afternoon Azar, my classmate, also work in Global, asked me to join her with her ex when go home. Thank you for you two for drove me to PGC. I think this time I agree with Azar that she is an angle :)
After having dinner at Hoka-hoka bento PGC, I met Putri, my junior in VHS. She greeted me first. And because of "something", I asked for her help. Really at that time I said to her that she's such an angle sent by God :)
(My dinner: Hoka Suka 1)

Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

Missing The Blue Sky

Hello, everyone. Still busy here. Really miss all of my friends. Alhamdulillah last Monday I've met them but still, now I'm missing them. Pity, Gembul's haven't got any chances to gather together, celebrate our graduation. But we've planned to. Maybe, this Saturday... I'm not sure but hoping.
Oh, I'd like to share my love story haha. Well, there is no such a love story now. Oh my... I'm in an error mode. (Just forget this paragraph.)
2 days ago, my avatar on twitter became an egg with blue background because accidentally I deleted my previous avatar. I've tried to change it with a new one, my photo, but it didn't work out. Also with other photos. Just a view minutes ago, I tried to change it with "Kaitou Kuroba" picture and it worked! Weird. No weird. I think, it's the picture's size.
People, don't you miss a sunny day? I do. I also miss Kaitou Kuroba.
(April's Sky)

Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012


Alhamdulillah, ya Allah, the National Examination's results have come out this morning on 10:00. I got satisfying (enough) result. I've got perfect score for Math (10.00), predictable but still unbelievable ;). I got 9.80 for English, a little bit disappointing but I am still happy with it. For Bahasa, I know I wouldn't get more than 8.50 and it's true! I got 8.40 for it but I am still happy because I've done my best for it. My accounting got 8.81, satisfying enough. I think I've got a permanent-smile on my face haha.
Yeah now I just waiting for the writing test of SNMPTN. Bismillah. Wish me luck guys.

Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

When You Know How Expensive "Healthy" Is

My dad sleep over in the R. Said Sukanto hospital since Tuesday (15/5). I was shocked when I got a call from my mom that dad had a light heart attack. Directly, I went to the hospital from the office on midday and took care of my dad in there while my mom is going home to take everything my dad and she will need in the hospital. I was so sad but I can't--shouldn't--cry in front of my dad. Alhamdulillah, he's alright but need to rest in the hospital.
Fyi, he is a heavy smoker and addicted to coffee. Every night before it, I always remind him to not smoking again, but he never hears me. I'm tired but never stop to remind him. And now I think he is gonna stop smoking and coffeeing.
A week without my parents in home is so sad. Just three of us, me and my little sistas (Rina and Rosna). On weekday, when I was working in the office, Rina did the house-keeping-things. She's the second mother for me and Rosna. When I back, I'd drive them to the hospital and left the hospital around 9.
My dad stayed in the hospital for a week-more. He check out from there on Wednesday (23/5). Alhamdulillah, he's keeping better...
Now, we can gather together again in home and I'm sooooo happy and grateful.

Minggu, 13 Mei 2012


Flat Sunday! The day I wait for just flat -___-" Hah! Well, not so flat. I found an interesting game-online. It's stardoll.com . My cute doll named Chleo.All.Star.
This is Chleo in her suite:
And I made this using background feature. I call it "All Star's Collection: Randomization". My Chleo is wearing pink short-dress :)
I made this too. But pity, I forgot to save it :'( Gonna make it again and call it "All Star's Collection: Oscar Night". My Chleo is wearing the black blink dress. Sweet, isn't she? :)
Okay again, I made it. I call it "All Star's Collection: Couple in Autumn". My Chleo is wearing the plaid red-black shirt and the boy next to her is Jesse McCartney. Haha.

Jumat, 11 Mei 2012

Buzzy Bee

Very busy this week. And I've just realized I had passed a full week here at GlobalTV :) But, I regret for the resign of Farah and Della. Now, just three of us left: Zulfani, Diane, & Me.
Really, I really miss Saturday and Sunday. But now even my Saturday is full of activities. God. Then, just Sunday left for me to rest and play around. Can't patienly wait for Sunday! Gonna take picture of me wearing my Mom's old purple dress, yippie!
Picture below is what waiting for me on my Monday morning...

Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

Orange Floral Dress

Wew, just found my Mom's old dress. It's kinda 80's. Love it.
Background from here
Background from here

Weeky week

Wew. Long week, I had. At the beginning, I still confused whether I'll spend my holiday by just learning for the SNMPTN or get my self a part-time job. On Monday, I went to school and meet Farah. In the afternoon, she asked me to go with her to Global TV to get a part-time job. Well, on that day, we just put our CV and went home. On Tuesday, I just spent my time at home. I didn't know that Farah and Della actually went to Global TV on that day. In the night, they tell me that we must go to Global TV the next morning. On Wednesday, we were interviewed by our user. Della and I were put in Billing Sub-Division while Farah in Purchasing Sub-Division. On Thursday, we started to work. Della and I really got a tiring job. On Friday, I've learned from Thursday that I must bring my own lunch. So, I cooked omelets for my lunch by myself in the morning. Still, our work was very tiring. On Saturday, I still had a meeting with my school mates to talk about the graduation day. On Sunday, I really FREE!!!
I wonder, is it will always like this--my Sunday--after education world?

Just Be Yourself

-unknown (?)-
background from here

Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

It Still 2012, Right?

Is it too late to make other resolutions for this year? Guess not? Okay. Well, as addition, I want myself can cook and sew (is it "Sew" for "Menjahit"?). Oh, and I also want a tripod this year (hopefully come true!).

Kamis, 03 Mei 2012

Finally, Hired!

Finally, since today, I've became a part-timer at Global TV. Here, at Billing Sub-Div with my friend, Della. Farah is at Purchasing Sub-Div and Zulfani and Diane at Finance Sub-Div. Yeah, we're all in Accounting Division just like our majority at school (^_^)