Wake Up!

Hi! I'm back. Yeah well it's not been 1 month though but I miss blogging. Now, it's kinda my hobby. Many thing's happened. But the best thing is I've done the National Examinations. God. Hope I'll get my best score!
Now, I'm in the middle of break time 'till get the result of the National Exams. I try to spend my time by taking a part-time job but I haven't got any jobs yet. So, my activities this week were just watching tv, listening music and playing rome puzzle or solitaire or spider solitaire or freecell or zuma. Oh, such a boring time!
Well, I was happy because two days ago I went to Dufan for the first time in my life haha. Weird yes? I live in Jakarta since I born but I went to Dufan just once 'till then. What's made me happy is I went there with my besties, Farah and Ulfa. I'll post about that on the next post, I think.
P.S. Maybe some of my posts will be posted on the date before today although I wrote it not at that time :P