Well, I got the F-U-N in Dufan last Wednesday (25/4)! It's my first time went there. Well, I've tried many times to go there but when I had money, I didn't have accompanier or when I had accompanier, I didn't have money OR I already had money and accompanier but I didn't have time to go there. This time I had all of 'em and better, I got a discount on Earth Day.
I went there with Farah Nur Nayfar & Fithriyah Ulfa. We've been close friends since last year because of the LKS we'd joined. Love them both <3
Ulfa & Farah after riding the "Kora-Kora"
Me & Farah after riding the "Ontang-Anting"
Ulfa & Me after riding the "Pontang-Pontang"
Farah & Ulfa in front of "Happy Feet Theatre"
Me & Farah with "The Amigos"
These 3 photos below were taken in front of the mosque. Somehow I love the spot.
Farah & Me on the line of "Perang Bintang"
For sure, it's reallly tiring, standing in the line of "Halilintar". We spent an hour and half in the line just for a minute riding. Hah! But I was happy because I found myself was brave enough and finally I could ride it.
Pity, we couldn't ride the "Arung Jeram" because the line was soooooooooo looooong.
We came into "Rumah Jahil", a mirror maze. Fortunately, we went there with a group of teens like us and they know how to find the way out. Really was fun in there.
Me & Farah before went into the "Rumah Jahil"
Closed the day with "Niagara-gara". Same like "Halilintar", we spent almost an hour and half for one minute riding the "Niagara-gara".
Ulfa & Farah after riding the "Niagara-gara"