Last night I slept so late. So, today I felt very sleepy in school. I slept in the middle of English lesson time. Ma'am Ros didn't realize it (sorry ma'am). But, I was shocked up by her when she touch my shoulder and ask for answer from her question. I was disorientated. Thanks for my lovely seat-mate, Mita, for telling me the question number. I looked at my book and red the first sentence I saw. Unfortunately, my answer is wrong. Ah!
Also in the Bahasa lesson, I felt very sleepy. I was between the real and dream world. I slept-woke up-slept-woke up. At the end of the lesson I could feel pain on my neck.
In Math, I didn't feel sleepy but I must stepped forward to write down my answer because it was false. Oh God. It was embarrassing. And it became worse because I got two wrong answers and the type of the question was same. Hhh...
After school, the 12th grader had our photos together. We made "10 XLIII" shape. "10" means our beloved school, SMK Negeri 10 Jakarta and "XLIII" means us as the 43rd force.
Me & Mr. Asto, my English teacher when I was a 10th grader
The photo above, remember me of the old photo of me with Darin, Kak Evan, and his friend. The last two are a college student from Jakarta State University who were do their practice time in my school, SMK Negeri 10 Jakarta. Miss them.
Well, here it is: "4G"