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Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

Miss the old time

I've been busy with my school's tests and... my romance thing haha. It more easy to face the school's tests than a romance thing. Luckily I'm not a kind of girl whose romance thing will disturb the school thing hehe. *endofthistopic*
Well, the friendship between Dede and me is getting better (I don't know how, but yes it getting better). Now I try to not make "someone" jealous to me haha (Is it just me or is it true, she is jealous with me? I'm not sure.).
My friendship with Hanif is getting worse. God. I don't know who started it first but we've made a space between us and it's getting wider. My fault. Since couple of weeks, if I meet him, I'll throw my face to other side, try to ignore him. But I think he do it too. I wish my friendship with him will back to normal as the old time.
My friendship between Nisa and me and Simin and me are good ;)

Miss the time when we had dinner together. Miss the old time when we laugh, chat, and gather together. Love y'all <3

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