maulid & mabit

I've just realized the Maulid Nabi event was filled just by the Rohis boys...
My classmates
Mrs. Indah Sri Wahyuni
The 10th graders
Rawi by Rohis 10th graders and Mr. Asto
Mrs. Lina, my Islamic lesson teacher
The Headmaster of SMK Negeri 10 Jakarta, Mr. Tikno Subadi
Marawis by Rohis 11th graders
Marawis by Rohis 11th graders
Behind the stage: Hanif & Fandi
Marawis by Rohis 12th graders: last performance in high school
On Mabit, I couldn't get more pictures because we are forbidden to do anything else except follow the schedule. I just shot my own picts using my Nokia C2-03.


Elfrida Chania mengatakan…
Great photos :)