Ya Rabb... Been very busy since last week. Had Gunadarma Try Out and also Online Test last week. This week I have the Erlangga Try Out. Start from Monday (next week) 'till Wednesday (the week after next week), I'll face the UAS (Ujian Akhir Sekolah). Still, between those tests that somehow stressed me out I must face a lotta homeworks. Hhh... How could my teachers give a lotta homeworks when I must face the tests?
I wrote this post by stealing a little time among my busy time. Mrs. Isti says I'm the most busy person in the world. She also says my schedule's so tight than a President can has. I think she's right.
I can't believe that I just sleep for 4 hours in 2 days! Lucky me, I didn't sleep at school...
Tomorrow I'll have the Maulid Nabi event and after that Mabit (Malam Pembinaan Iman dan Taqwa) at school and will back home on Saturday morning.
Alhamdulillah in this "Crazy Time" I still can smile.
Books I read lately: Last week I re-read Ilana Tan's "Summer in Seoul", "Autumn in Paris", "Winter in Tokyo", and "Spring in London. And now "Sunshine Becomes You". Can't wait to finish it to know the ending.
Now, I just can hope I can face UAS and the National Exam well. Bismillah.