getting lost -___-'

Well, today was started with a panic situation when Mita and I were getting lost on the way to Wiladatika. hhh... At the beginning,, we (Mita and I) went to Wiladatika with Pras, Fitri, Shinta, Feni, Mei, Faisal, and Elo. But on the way, I lose them, except Faisal and Elo who were behind me. Mita asked me to not worry about it because Faisal was behind me. But then, Faisal asked me to ride aside. And you know what? He told me that he doesn't know the route to get to Wiladatika. Oh God... Finally, we're getting lost together. Worse for Faisal, his motorcycle broke down. I decided to left him and Elo behind. How dare me! But, hey, I even didn't know where were they. Elo asked me to go first. But when I stopped to see them, they've lost. And then, there was a phone call from Feni. She told me that Faisal motorcycle broke down.
Feni also was left by Pras. So, Mita, Feni, Mei, and me went to Wiladatika together.
Finally, after took about 4 wrong bends, we (Mita, Feni, Mei, and I) arrived at Wiladatika savely.

What a day!