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Senin, 27 Februari 2012

what a day!

I had Math and English Try Out today, from Gunadarma. It such disasters. The Math package B no. 27 & 28 have no answers on the multiple choices. The listening section in English really was the worst I ever heard. It just heard like broken radio. And there were no short-talks for no. 12 & 13. Really hate this try out. It wouldn't surprise me if I got unsatisfying result. Uh.
Yeah, to balance this day, I was happy after the Math try out. He talked to me. Since couple of days we just say couple of words. Really made me sad. But today... I can't stop smiling. Everything just seems so beautiful ;)
After school, I wanna asked him if he could give me a ride to SMK PB Soedirman 2 in Cijantung. But he couldn't. He had to practice with his marawis team. So, I went to Soedirman alone. And what really surprised me (or shocked me) was they (the marawis team) canceled their practice time and had Fruit Soup at Syahrul's house. How could they! (I don't know why I felt so guilty. But I really didn't mean it.) 

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