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Minggu, 26 Februari 2012

time to take a rest

Since Thursday I became Farah and Virlie's manager. At the beginning I just being asked by Bu Syifa to teach them how to perform a presentation in front of other people and check their English. But then, I don't know why, I became their manager. Tomorrow is the competition. I wish the best for them. But what I'm thinking now is what I gonna do tomorrow. Am I have to accompany them in the competition or just go to school as usual? Fyi, tomorrow and the day after I have a Try Out and Online Test. Am I must sacrifice my Test or them? Uh.
I've thought the way out. I go to school in the morning, prepare what they need, do the test and in the afternoon go to their competition. But then, another teacher told me that I must accompany them because I'm their manager. So, what am I gonna do?
Yeah, what important for me is I still can smile in this confusing situation hehe. By the way, today is my dad's born day. Happy B'day Daddy! Wish the best for you ever!

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