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Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

D'grofem Action

I don't know what they feel about me, but I feel like they are my second family, "D'grofem Action". When I have problems with my own class, I went to them and try to find a different atmosphere. They always can make me smile. My three-lovely-friends are Farah, Ulfa, and Mifta. For Dede and Simin, well, they are my "Gembuls" haha.
I never can remember the other class members since Junior High. Even, I can't remember my own class members. But now I remember my class members and their class too.How sweet, rite? hehe.
If I say "Accounting One" in front of my Accounting Two friends, all in their mind is just one name. Yep, my crush. haha. I don't know whether he has known that I have a crush on him or not, yet. Pity me, he also has his own crush. I think she is my junior. In Bahasa I'll say that I'm in the G-A-L-A-U mood.
Okay, stop talking about my crush :P
In this chance I wanna upload some photos of their year book expressions. Actually, I didn't go to the Dora Lake with them but my camdig did. I left my camdig with Farah and asked her to take some pictures of her class actions. And here they are.
I don't know why Farah just took 5/8 parts... Yeah, maybe I can asked the rest from Abai or others.
Ulfa, Mifta, & Farah

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