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Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

busy weeks part II

Fiuh. Alhamdulillah all the practical exams have past. I couldn't get many pictures as I want. But, my school's camdig did. I will ask the photos later.
On Sunday my class will have our year book photo session at Wiladatika Park.
1. Aerobic
  1. Photos of each group before the competition part.
  2. My group performance. Haryanni used her cardigan because she used her old training uniform with its short hand.
  3. The other group (Mita, Rizki, Tuti, Azar, Fita, Mayang, Nisa, Nurul, Aji) when they were jumping.
  4. The same group on no. 3 while they were cooling down.
  5. My group (Zulfani, Karmila, Kartika, Diane, Nunu, Darin, Asih, Fitri, Me, Haryanni) on the art and creativity part.
  6. Faisal and Umi. It shows that a movement in martial arts can be used as a movement in the aerobic.
  7. Fita, Nisa, and Tuti. They used a not-worth-taking-clothes. They wanted to show that beggars also can and worth to do the aerobic.
  8. Nurul and Aji.
  9. The other group (Feni, Shinta, Siska, Pras, Mei, Ncek, Dian Ratna, Mety, Raden). They used pijamas to show that they usually do the aerobic after they wake up in the morning.
  10. TEKATers <3

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