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Rabu, 04 Januari 2012


I've just seen my junior's edited photos, and I love with how she edited the photos. I asked her what program does she use? And it's pixlr on pixlr.com. I try to install it to my nobie but it can't be used :( So, I just can edit photos if I'm online. Uh. Whereas today is my last day online using my nobie. Maybe I will using it back--to online--on July, but I'm not sure, maybe... August. hhh...
I (don't) know why I love this photo so much :)
yeah, I'm not a creative person, so that's the result haha. by the way, my lovely school--SMK Negeri 10 Jakarta--has become an International school. Yeayness! I cannot wait to try the new chair and desk haha.

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